Fixed price offers

Title of the fixed price offers

We do not only arrange auctions, we also keep a very large stock.

You can buy stamps from all German areas as well as Belgium, France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and the Vatican from us at fixed prices.

Our stock includes more than 10,000 items with prices starting at 0.10 US$ up to 5,000 US$, with a catalog total of more than 2.25 million US$. Even very advanced and specialized collectors can fill most of their gaps! If you specify your collection areas, we can send you our current, illustrated price list.

Order the latest list of fixed price offers via e-Mail

List of fixed price offers as PDF-file

Download 161_fpl_web.pdf - 4 MB

Cover with color photos

Download 161_fpl_cover_aussen.pdf - 3 MB

Inner cover with color photos

Download 161_fpl_cover_innen.pdf - 3 MB

updated: 17.02.2018